January 4, 2010

Holiday Traditions

Author: Happy_Xmas

handblown glass ornaments

The holiday season is about togetherness, giving, appreciating ones family and friends, and being thankful.  The Christmas tree is a central part of the Christmas, and as such should become an important part of family tradition.  Giving children, spouses, or loved ones a new ornament every year provides a way for families to reminisce about years past, and also to look forward to adding to the tree each year. Christmas ornaments should not only serve as aesthetically pleasing objects, but as reminders of Christmases past and objects which celebrate Christmases to come.

Kids will love getting their new ornament each year; try purchasing something unique each year that will remind them of that year in particular. For example, if your son can’t get enough of Bob the Builder at age four, purchase a Bob the Builder ornament to serve as a reminder of that phase in their life. My husband and I have more sophisticated tastes and always buy each other handblown glass ornaments at Christmas time.

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