July 20, 2008

A New Name for Tree Toppers

Author: The Christmas Decorator

page0508_large-mantle-display_edited.jpgTree toppers have been around forever, but you might not have heard of the term finials.  Finials sound exotic, but it is just another name for tree toppers.  I suspect that many, including myself, started using the term finials as we found many of the following ways to use them to decorate.

Finials make a gorgeous display on a mantle!  You may use a finial stand, which may hold a single finial or a multiple stand which may hold three are more finials.  I love to use glass candle holders. Use a small piece of dowel rod the size of a candle (not too thick or your finial will not fit down over the rod) place one end of the rod in the candle holder and place the finial over the other.  That way you may have groupings of finials at each end of the mantle or throughout the greenery.

Finials also are beautiful in a table centerpiece.  I often use finials instead of candles.  Since the experts say not to use candles on a table unless you intend to light them,  I love the use of finials in my favorite crystal candlesticks.  It gives you the height of candles without the mess of candles.  To make your Christmas table unique try using finials this year.  You will find a wonderful assortment of finials at ShowMeChristmas.com  They have beautiful hand blown glass ornaments and finials.  It is a great website to find traditional as well as non-traditional colors and styles.

Of course, if you must you can still use a finial on the top of your tree, but I encourage you to try decorating with finials in other aspects of your Christmas decor.

 Happy decorating!!

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